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Stay Safe Everyone, Best wishes from Our Team

Stay Safe Everyone, Best wishes from Our Team

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Benefits of Baltic Amber

Amber is a precious natural resin formed of the fossilized sap from trees that became extinct millions of years ago. Not only is it a beautiful substance that makes for great jewelry, there are many benefits of Baltic amber including healing properties that can be extracted via turning it into an essential oil, or simply wearing it as jewelry.

Essential Oils
Extracting essential oils from amber can yield a great many benefits, from therapeutic massage oils to aromatherapy for stress, to treating respiratory ailments and even easing heart palpitations. It can be beneficial for skin as well.

Amber Healing Necklaces
Simply wearing Baltic amber as a necklace allows one to take advantage of its healing properties just by having the stone-like resin against one’s skin. These necklaces have been said to do great things for headaches, neck and throat pain, congestion and more.

Healing Bracelets and Anklets
Another use of amber is to wear it as a bracelet or anklet to help treat issues like joint pain, muscle aches and even to treat arthritis. Anecdotal evidence points to simply wearing amber being great for treating symptoms of anxiety, and providing energy and wakefulness.

Amber Skin Rubs
Finally, many people have been able to take advantage of the natural healing properties of amber just by rubbing it over their skin. It is believed that the body is able to absorb some of the healing properties of the resin. This is used in many spas and therapeutic massage centers to help ease joint aches and muscle pains.

Why Amber Works
Though there are no scientific studies specifically backing the wearing of amber, there is a scientific principle behind why it works. Amber contains a substance called Succinic Acid, which has been thoroughly researched and found to provide outstanding health benefits like those combined above.

Using amber as a healing stone is a tradition that goes back thousands of years, and at very least, it can’t cause any harm and looks great while wearing it, so you’ve got nothing to lose! If you’d like to explore a range of amazing amber jewelry, whether it’s for healing or aesthetic purposes, we’ve got a whole line from which to choose. Read more about Imperial Time, and get started building your amber collection today!

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