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Stay Safe Everyone, Best wishes from Our Team

Stay Safe Everyone, Best wishes from Our Team

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Uses for Amber Oil

Amber is a material that is highly valued and treasured for its beauty, archaeological value and even its healing properties. For thousands of years it has been valued and at one time was even considered to house first magical energy and then electricity (hence its ancient Greek name of elektron). It has given us insights into the kinds of plants and creatures that inhabited the world millions of years ago, and is valued for its aesthetic and artistic properties.

That’s only part of its value, however. Amber can be ground down into an essential oil, which has a broad range of practical and sensory uses. Read about just a few of the incredible range of uses for amber oil, and learn how you can get even more out of this amazing fossilized resin.

Uses for Amber Oil
What exactly comprises amber essential oil is hotly debated among scientists and scholars, and currently all of the evidence for medical and practical uses of amber oil is anecdotal, without peer-reviewed scientific studies. However, what evidence there is, is very strong and many people swear by its properties.

Amber oil can be used in aromatherapy. It is considered to have a very calming effect on the mind, can help you to get a full night’s sleep, and ease symptoms of anxiety. If you’re having a stressful day, adding a couple drops to your bathwater, or diluting it in coconut oil, jojoba or other massage oils can be a great aid.

Skin Rejuvenation
Amber is said to be excellent for cleansing pores, promoting cell growth, improving skin elasticity and even treating eczema and acne. Just add a couple drops to your skin cream, or massage it into your scalp to strengthen and rejuvenate hair follicles!

Aphrodisiac Properties
Looking to get romantic with that special someone? Amber is yet another essential oil that supposedly has a number of properties that will help things get hot and heavy when the time for romance arises. It has a very warm and alluring aroma, and has long been valued for these properties in body sprays and perfumes.

Health Properties
Amber essential oil is said to have a number of practical medical benefits. It can be an effective pain reducer or painkiller when used topically. It supposedly has properties as an antispasmodic. Supposedly inhaling the aroma of amber oil can also help with minor respiratory issues like colds and mild asthma. It’s even said to be able to re-energize the heart and slow down heart palpitations.

Using Amber Oil
There are a number of ways that amber oil can be used to achieve the above effects. It can be placed into an oil diffuser, added to hot water for its steam effects or as part of a soothing bath, or it can be diluted into other carrier oils to use topically or as a massage oil.

Of course, one of the most popular uses of amber is in jewelry and at Imperial Time, we have a broad selection of the best. Read a bit more about what we do, and get in touch to find out how we can help you add to your collection today.

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